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Adult Orthodontics

While some may think that orthodontic treatment is only for children and teens, it is never too late to improve your smile.

Adult Orthodontics | Exact Orthodontics Indooroopilly | Orthodontist Brisbane

Adults also benefit from orthodontic treatment by correcting crooked or crowded teeth, missing teeth, overbites and under bites as well as incorrect jaw positioning. Often, we work with your dentist or other dental specialists to address your problem in its entirety. Not only will there be an improvement in the function and appearance of your teeth, but also in your smile.

What treatment options are available?

At Exact Orthodontics, we understand that it's not just about what will work best. For adult patients, there are a number of factors that we will consider. We believe in taking a personalised approach to each patient so at your first consultation with us, we'll chat to you about your daily life. With this information, we can develop a treatment plan that's tailored to your lifestyle.

Treatment options available to adult patients at Exact Orthodontics include:

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