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Emergency Care

Accidents happen. We understand dental emergencies can occur at any time. But what should you do if your wire breaks? Or a bracket/brace falls off?

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To help you identify & relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing, we have prepared a list of common orthodontic concerns.

Broken/Loose Band or Bracket

If you notice a band or brace that has come loose from your tooth, contact our practice for an appointment. If this is causing you discomfort, secure the brace to the wire using orthodontic wax and re-commence your saltwater rinses (1 teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water).


Occasionally the brace may detach completely from the wire. In these cases, we ask you to keep the brace safe & bring it to your appointment. Remember, these are fully customised & made especially for you. 

Broken Arch Wire

If the arch wire (the wire that runs along your braces) breaks, call our practice for an appointment. 

Loose/Poking Arch Wire

Where wires are loose or have come out at the back, try to tuck the wire under the back brace & secure with orthodontic wax. Call our practice for an appointment. 


Soreness during your orthodontic treatment is normal especially after an orthodontic adjustment. Warm salty rinses will help with ulcers on your cheeks, & pain relief will aid in reducing discomfort. 

Physical Accidents

Contact our practice or your general/emergency dentist immediately if you experience a physical accident.

Lost Aligners

Call our practice immediately & they will advise the best course of action. Remember to keep hold of your previous aligners.

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