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Payment Information

It's the question on everyone's lips but every smile is unique so we can't give you a quote without first examining your teeth and mouth. There are a number of different variables that will determine the price of your treatment. At Exact Orthodontics we believe in offering affordable orthodontics and as such offer a wide range of payment options. 

Affordable Braces at Exact Orthodontics Indooroopilly | Brisbane Orthodontist

In order to give you a detailed quote for your treatment, we need to carry out a detailed examination of your teeth. Treatment will vary in cost according to each individual patient & treatment type, from comprehensive options through to less expensive short-term treatments. 

Your smile is a lifetime investment that will lead you to a more confident fulfilling life.

Creating Affordable Orthodontics 

Quotes & Payment Options

Your orthodontic treatment will include up to two years of retention appointments after your active treatment is complete.

All external services provided by other specialists or general dentists are not included in your treatment costs. 

At Exact Orthodontics, we offer a convenient payment option, typically spread out over the anticipated duration of your treatment. If you pay for your treatment in full or if you have a family member that has had treatment, you may be eligible for a discount

Braces Now, Pay Later

Interest-Free allows you to get orthodontic treatment today and pay it off over time. Your payments will be made in instalments meaning it won't hit your bank balance straight away. Interest-Free finance gives you and your family flexibility and peace of mind.

No matter what life stage you are in, you deserve the best dental care.

Great health starts with a healthy mouth and nobody should have to settle for less. You and your family deserve great oral health and quality of life.

Health Fund Information

Due to the complexities of health fund cover, we recommend that you get in touch with your health fund prior to commencing treatment. 

Some helpful questions to ask your health fund might include:

  • Is orthodontics claimable as part of my cover?

  • What is my claiming limit for orthodontics?

  • Will I receive my rebate in one payment or over a certain number of years?

  • Is my health fund calendar year or financial year?

If you have any questions about payment options at Exact Orthodontics please ask our team during your first consultation or give us a call on (07) 3878 4990.

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