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Accidents happen, especially when you're on the sporting field! To ensure your teeth and your braces are kept safe from any unexpected accidents we recommend a custom-made mouthguard. At Exact Orthodontics we have a range of custom-made mouthguards that will be uniquely moulded to your teeth for comfort and support.

Custom-made Mouthguards | Exact Orthodontics Indooroopilly | Orthodontist Brisbane

Custom-made mouthguards are appliances that are made to fit your mouth and provide protection to your teeth and jaw joints against injuries that occur while playing sports.

These mouthguards are fabricated in our on-site dental laboratory and can be adjusted by our team to account for changes that will take place during your orthodontic treatment.

Our Brisbane orthodontists recommend mouthguards for active children and adults, especially for boxing, soccer, hockey and football, as sport is one of the most common causes of dental injury.

Getting a Custom-made mouthguard

These mouthguards are moulded to your teeth and can be remoulded by our team to account for that changes your orthodontics treatment will make. 

Our Brisbane orthodontists recommend mouthguards for active children and adults, especially for boxing, soccer, hockey and football, as sport is one of the most common causes of dental injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a pre - requisite to joining the classes?

For the practical classes - we recommend that you join if you are completely healthy and have no medical ailments or serious injuries. The practical classes work best for those who have no physical conditions and are serious about beginning or diving deeper in their Yoga journey. If you do have any medical conditions - we recommend signing up for our Yoga Therapy workshops in the future - as that will help you heal and recover correctly. For the philosophy classes - we recommend that you join if you are eager to know yourself better, and are searching inwards for answers and guidance. This class focuses on helping you to help yourself and thus a willingness to learn and an open mindset to learn with others in the community is super important.

How are the classes conducted online? Is it on Zoom?

Our classes are held in a professional studio set - up, complete with an end-to-end studio backdrop, professional cameras, wireless mics and studio lights. Additionally, we use a large screen monitor for Anvita to be able to observe the movements of the students and help them with corrections if needed. The platform on which the classes are hosted is Zoom Pro - with an unlimited time duration - ensuring a smooth flow of classes.

What is the style of Yoga being taught?

Our classes follow the traditional and relaxative form of Yoga - with an emphasis on slow and meditative movements. The classes are designed to help you get in tune with your mental and spiritual aspects and are based on themes such as: Joy, Growth, Self Love, Independence, Self Reflection amongst others. Our classes are not intended to be an intense physical asana class and are not a rigorous heated practice. Instead, we focus more on restoring your energy and helping you rejuvenate and heal deeply - while creating a cooling and calming effect in your body and mind.

How many students are there per batch?

The monthly classes can have anywhere between 10 - 30 students, depending on the month and the sign ups for that month. In the case of weekly workshops, the number could be higher and we will accept upto 50 students.

What is the age group of students in the classes?

Our student age group ranges from 18 years of age to 60 years of age. Any students who fall below the age of 18 or above the age of 60 - can write to us, and we can work on creating a youth workshop / senior citizen workshop for such students.

Do I need to be flexible to start the Yoga classes?

Not at all! Yoga is a science of the self - and does not need you to be physically flexible to get started. Just the way we start any activity from scratch - Yoga too can be started by complete beginners - and we will walk you through the whole process. Additionally, we encourage you to set physical, mental and spiritual aims with your Yoga practice, so that you’re not just chasing flexibility but also peace of mind and internal joy :)

What level of practical Yoga classes do you teach?

We primarily focus on a Beginner & Intermediate practice for students who are complete beginners or who are anywhere between 3-12 months on their Yoga journey or need guidance to progress from their current practice in the Level 1 Batch. Whereas, we focus on Intermediate & Advanced practiice for students who have completed at least 6-12 months of daily Yoga practice and have a demonstrated knowledge of the practiced - in the Level 2 Batch. Apart from that, we also teach Yoga challenges and workshops for a mixed set of students focusing on a certain aspect of the Yoga practice itself.

Any prior assessment for the Yoga classes?

Yes - you will be completing the general health questionnaire before class begins which will help Anvita to understand your current physical fitness level - both physically and mentally. You would also be elaborating on the style of Yoga that you have practiced before along with how long you have been practicing Yoga for. In the event that your general health questionnaire indicates that you are physically or emotionally unfit to undertake the classes - we will send you an email in this regard and we will refund your payment amount prior to class at our discretion.

Can I do a trial class?

We do not offer trial classes - but if you would like to do just a single session - you can sign up for the drop-in class at the top of this page. Additionally, if you would like to experience Anvita’s teaching style - you can watch her YouTube videos or her videos on the app.

What is the difference between doing the classes and doing online videos?

While the online videos are a great place to get started with your practice - and give you information and guidance on how to begin your journey - it is not enough for those who are looking to better understand Yoga. In our classes, Anvita is able to personally correct and give tips for each student - thus enhancing the overall experience of the practitioner. We also offer a 15-20 minute window after class - where you can speak to Anvita to ask questions, share your Yoga experience and gain deeper insights on your practice. This personalised teaching experience, community bonding and deep understanding of Yoga is different from an online video where the teacher is not able to correct your movements or share philosophical learnings which particularly apply to you.

Do I get recordings of the classes?

Yes - recordings of the classes are available on a private Youtube link - which we will share with you via email along with an overall summary of the class and names of the practices taught to you. Please note that the recordings will only be available for a limited time period. The time period would be determined on a case by case basis. These recordings are the intellectual property right of Yogic Gurukul LLP and we trust that you will honour the rights by not sharing or distributing it with anyone outside of the class group.

What happens after I make the payment?

Once you have completed your payment - you will receive an email from us with further details. We will share the Zoom Pro Meeting link with you, along with the class schedule. We will also be sending you a general health questionnaire to understand your current level of fitness and mental health, along with a goal sheet where you can note down your top physical, mental and spiritual goals that you would like to achieve through Yoga. Last, but not the least - we will share the links for our Whatsapp and other social media groups, so you can join in and stay connected with us throughout the classes and after.

What is the class flow for the Practical classes?

Our class flow varies depending on the theme, but typically includes - Centering, Asana Practice, Pranayama, Meditation and Mantra Chanting. Additionally - we provide variations of each practice to help suit the level of different practitioners in the class. Our classes do not use props and all you need is a Yoga mat and bottle of water along with the willingness to learn and grow :)

What is the class flow for the Philosophy classes?

The philosophy class flow includes 1 hour of teaching a particular concept where Anvita presents the philosophy and its applications - after which there is a 30 minute discussion and interaction in which students are given prompts, questions and tasks to help understand the topic better and be able to apply it in real life situations.

Any particular books that you would recommend as a pre-read to the classes?

We can recommend that you read 1. “Inner Engineering” by Sadhguru 2. “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle 3. "Patanjala Yoga Sutras" by Dr. P.V. Karambelkar 4. "Asana - Why & How" by Shri O.P. Tiwari 5. "Asanas" by Swami Kuvalayananda 6. "Pranayama" by Swami Kuvalayananda 7. "Integral Yoga" by Sri Aurobindo 8. "The Sunlit Path" by the Mother Apart from these books - you could also go through our recommended reading list under the "Books" section of our website.

Do you offer any other days or timings, other than the ones listed above?

Not at the moment - the classes listed above are the only available dates and timings that we offer to align with Anvita’s calendar and availability.

How do I contact the Yogic Gurukul Team?

You can send us an email on "" or you can send us a Whatsapp text message on our business account number - +91 80107 92405.