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Your First Visit

Your first consultation is an exciting one for both you and our team! it's all about getting to know you and finding out what you wish to achieve. We'll chat about your lifestyle, your previous oral health and we'll do an examination of your teeth and mouth.

Visiting Exact Orthodontics Indooroopilly | Brisbane Orthodontist

At your first consultation, one of our orthodontists will spend time examining your orthodontic needs. Our approach is holistic and will take into consideration your facial bone structure and soft tissues, as well as your teeth and bite.

What you'll find out

After your first consultation with our local Brisbane orthodontists you'll learn:

  • What treatment may be required

  • How long your treatment is likely to take

  • The best time to begin your treatment

  • The cost of any proposed treatment

If you are ready for treatment, we will need to gather diagnostic records including x-rays of your teeth and jaw structures & photos of your face, smile & teeth. These will help us to accurately determine your optimal orthodontic treatment plan.

As you may appreciate, there is nothing to be anxious about at your first visit with us. While you’re here, why not take a tour of our rooms, read our notice boards, see who completed their treatment recently, read about our “Patient of the Month” or enter one of our competitions.

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