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Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces, also known as Invisible Braces, are hidden on the inside of your teeth making them truly “Invisible”. With lingual braces, no one will know you're wearing braces! Most importantly, lingual braces move teeth very effectively, so almost every malocclusion can be treated with Invisible braces.

Invisible Braces Brisbane | Exact Orthodontics Indooroopilly

Incognito™ is a modern & technologically advanced system using a CAD/CAM computerised process to fabricate custom-made lingual braces specifically for you.

This makes these braces more accurate and more comfortable for you to wear. Robotic technology is used to bend wires into a defined and accurate shape to ensure that you get the best possible straightening of your teeth, and hence most ideal smile.

Why choose Lingual Braces?

Lingual Braces Brisbane | Exact Orthodontics Indooroopilly

Lingual braces are popular among teenagers and adults alike. With Lingual Braces working behind your teeth it's a great teeth straightening options for people that are concerned about the appearance of their smile whilst undergoing treatment. Lingual braces provide a convenient and customised treatment plan to ensure you can smile confidently.

With lingual braces on one will ever know you're wearing braces. The teeth-straightening system is placed behind your teeth making it out of sight so you can continue smiling confidently. Lingual Braces also present a lower risk of visible white spots forming on your teeth.

Benefits include:

  • Truly invisible braces option

  • Customised digital treatment planning & appliances

  • Effective in treating almost every bite

  • In some cases more effective than clear aligners

Whilst Incognito treatment is a larger investment than other treatment options, they are the only truly hidden way to create a beautiful smile and fit with your lifestyle.

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